SVG Open Conference Organization

The SVG Open Conference began in 2002 in Zurich, Switzerland. Since then the conference has been held every year in a different part of the world. We are always looking for potential organizers for upcoming conferences.

Would you like to organize a conference? Please feel free to contact Andreas Neumann (

Who is this conference targeted towards?

It is targeted towards SVG content developers as well as companies, organizations/OS projects delivering SVG viewing and content creation software. Content development varies widely accross different disciplines: E-Learning, Multimedia, Mobile content, game development,business graphics, scientific visualization, interactive web applications, GIS, mapping, location based services.

Where has this conference been held?

The first conference was held in 2002 in Zurich, Switzerland followed by Vancouver, Canada in 2003, Tokyo, Japan in 2004, Enschede, The Netherlands in 2005, Tokyo again in 2007 and in Nuremberg, Germany in 2008. The 2006 conference unfortunately had to be cancelled due to personal and organizational problems of the local organizers.

What are a conference organizer's duties?

The conference organizer must secure the location, arrange for conference workers, food, and electronic infrastructure (projectors, WiFi network, microphones, and possibly computer labs), handle the financial aspects of the conference, find for the speakers and sponsors, arrange a dinner event and take care of the registration. In reality, some of these tasks can be assisted by either the SVG Open committee or by the conference venue itself.

What is the best site for the conference?

Potentially, the conference can be held at any location with reasonable international travel connections and available facilities. In the past 4 conferences were held at an university location (Zurich, Tokyo, Enschede, Tokyo) and twice at a hotel location (Vancouver, Nuremberg). The university location has the advantage, that facilities are usually available at cheaper rates than with commercial settings, but there are advantages with commercial locations as well.

What is the traditional date for this conference?

The target date for the conference is somewhere from late spring to autumn.

How many attendees/exhibitors are expected based on past conferences, and what are the price ranges?

The number of attendents varied between 100 and 250. Pricing varied as well. Pricing information is still available at past conference websites, see SVG Open 2002, SVG Open 2003, SVG Open 2004, SVG Open 2005, SVG Open 2007, SVG Open 2008

Here is a summary:

Zurich 2002 (3 days, included coffee breaks and one dinner, but no lunch). Please note that in 2002 the US$ was of higher value than now.

Vancouver 2003 (4 days, included coffee breaks, lunch and aquarium visit)

Tokyo 2004 (3 days, included coffee breaks, lunch)

Enschede 2005 (3 days, included coffee breaks, lunch)

Tokyo 2006 (3 days, included coffee breaks, lunch; 120 JPY approx. 1 USD)

Nuremberg 2008 (3 days, included coffee breaks)

Who decides who will organize the upcoming SVG Open?

An interested party is asked to submit a bid describing the organizing team, the envisaged location and some ideas on the conference format and contents. In case we receive multiple bids, a team of past conference organizers and W3C SVG working group members will decide whose bid will be accepted. The bid should be sent to

Who will support the organizer during the conference organization?

There is a group of conference supporters, mainly consisting of past conference organizers, W3C members and other interested people. The conference was also supported by W3C in the past, which helped to market the conference and draw it to the attention of its members. The group of volunteers will guide you during the conference organization and expects that you will report on the progress of the organization. Upcoming organizers can re-use the existing paper, review and payment system of SVG Open 2008.

What is the conference language?

English. Please make sure you are fluent in English.

Thank you for thinking about organizing an upcoming SVG Open conference!