August 27-30 2014 Winchester, England

Visual Storytelling


The Graphical Web is an annual, global conference to showcase the many new open source technologies that have become available for presenting visual information on the web. The conference showcases best practice, new opportunities and future directions in the fast-changing world of web graphics and will be of direct appeal to a wide range of professionals throughout the technology, data visualization and graphics industries.

The Graphical Web 2014 is being organised by the Data Visualisation Centre, UK Office for National Statistics and will be held at the University of Winchester, England over 4 days from Wednesday August 27th through to Saturday August 30th. The theme of the conference will be Visual Storytelling - using new technology to produce compelling visual narratives on the web. The event will be of interest to a broad range of attendees, from graphics professionals right through to data journalists keen to understand the potential of new technology to enrich storyelling on the web. The first 3 days will be conference sessions, with keynote talks from industry experts, with the final day reserved for training sessions and workshops on the latest graphics technologies and techniques. Sessions will be available for complete beginners through to experienced professionals. Call for papers, workshop details and registration information will appear on this website in early 2014.

St. Alphege-Stripe Plaza, University of Winchester

Winchester, Hampshire is an historic city of England, its ancient capital and home of the fabled 'Round Table' at the 12th Century castle. Graphical Web 2014 will undoubtedly be a unique fusion of the ancient and new.


For questions and additional information or feedback on the conference, please contact us at info (at) graphicalweb (dot) org.



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