About SVG Open

This year the 8th SVG Open conference will be held in Paris, France. The first conference was held in 2002 in Zurich (Switzerland), followed by Vancouver (Canada), Tokyo (Japan), Enschede (The Netherlands), Tokyo (Japan), Nuremberg (Germany) and Mountain View (CA, USA).

Contact Information

For questions and additional information or feedback on the conference, please contact Cyril Concolato at info (at) svgopen (dot) org.

Organizing Committee

Reviewing Committee

Web Design and Graphics

The SVG Open 2010 partially reuses web design of the SVG Open 2008 and 2009 editions, designed primarily by Alexander Hettich (Examotion). The 2010 logo is designed by Michel Desnoues (Telecom ParisTech). The content of the SVG Open website is edited and developed by Andreas Neumann and Cyril Concolato.