LabelZilla: SVG for versatile, easy, mass labelprinting

For SVG Open 2005 a quick & dirty system was created to produce custom badges, with text and a personalised diagram, visualizing the parameters present in the registration database.

This later resulted in a more general idea: An SVG example, turned into a template by annotating it with information in a special LabelZilla namespace to describe what is to be replaced and with what, where the what refers to fieldnames in a table.

Which is being implemented into the following system: A user of the LabelZilla website chooses a template (picks one from the LabelZilla site, or uploads a custom one), then uploads a table (Excel, etc.) and finally chooses a labelsheet type to fit/combine the resulting instances on. PHP is used to parse the template and use the result to generate all the individual SVG label files, that are then turned into SVG page files. All the pages are converted into PDFs with Batik and combined into one total print-ready PDF with the PDFtk. A label preview is also available, which event organizers can embed in their registration system.