Tobias Dahinden, Urs Hensler
Institute of Cartography
ETH Zurich
8093 Zurich

Abstract: Adding interaction to interactive maps: isiMap and Layoutdescription

An advantage of SVG compared to other graphic formats is it's possibility to add interaction. Yet this is often not possible for people who are not able to program. So we looked for a way to get around this problem. For adding interacton to maps without programming we developed two different evaluation prototypes. The reason for having two softwares is based on the workflow we use to create maps.

The first software is desinged for creating an SVG map with Adobe Illustrator, Sodipodi, gnuplot, etc. People draw the map and create an SVG without interaction. After that they can load their map in a program called "isiMap". In this software it's possible to add functions to navigate through a map. Also scaling, zooming, panning and highlighting functions can be added. The software is based on the batik toolkit.

The second software is for a designed for map generation from databases. With this software it is possible to describe the map layout with XML. The description also contains a part where the source of data is declared. This sources are SVG-Fragments. They can be files or in a (PostgreSQL)-Database. The sources may be local or on a server.

In the presentation we descibe the workflows of the software and we give a short demonstation how the software works. With the software "isiMap" we also asked some user about the advantage of the software. We present the results of this questionaire.