PenDraw - A Language for Improving Take-Up of SVG


Traditional computer graphics (CG) programming facilities, comprising conventional language + CG add-on (library/package/etc), are weak in graphic expressiveness and lack compile-time checking. They provide a less friendly programming environment than programmers expect. They involve higher development costs than non-CG programming. They tend to make CG programming an experts-only domain. Such problems may well affect the take-up of CG programming, and consequently of SVG.

The case is made for a dedicated CG language. PenDraw is presented as one such alternative that overcomes many problems.

Evidence is presented that PenDraw is simpler for novices and generally more productive.

Given its qualities, PenDraw may be able to improve the take-up of CG programming and SVG.

Take-up of PenDraw is expected to be slow at first, given the market-place focus on interactivity and 3D. But as PenDraw's expressive power and cost benefits become known, its use may grow.