SVG Open 2005 Conference - Paper Presentation - Abstract

The visualization of multi variable information,
showing you the power of complex simplicity.

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SVG, data driven, JavaScript controled.
An intelligent management informationsystem, converting, analyzing and visualizing
a multi-paged, multi-column report in just one dynamic display.

Ed Stevenhagen
Stevenhagen Geo Informatica
Velddreef 293, 2727CH Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0) 79 3416885



In five years we will realize that most people cannot read anymore and will only believe in what they see. The globalization will ask for a language independent style of reporting and communication: we call it visualization.

With the introduction of the computer we started producing bulky, often user-unfriendly, reports. First character based, then introducing simple static graphics. With Scalable Vector Graphic we are now able to create powerful dynamic intelligent graphics. Internet introduced a new way of distributing and accessing reports and data in an ever-growing frequency. The speed and volume often make it difficult for decision-makers to interpret this tsunami of information.

This paper deals with showing an example of a powerful data driven management information tool. It reduces a multi-paged, multi-column report to an easy to interpret visualization, accessible by any SVG-enabled browser. It will show you how to use the graphical attributes of the SVG elements like size, stroke, color, opacity, and position to present different reporting attributes.

The strength of the application shown is the complex simplicity of the concept and the ease to introduce in a low budget Intranet or Internet environment. It is compact, and portable. It will work on-line as stand-alone. It is data driven with an error tolerant data interface. The SVG graphics are embedded in an HTML-page and JavaScript's control the generation of both tables and graphics.

An application should be user-friendly. The user can customize his own default settings. The controls are accessible by use of your mouse, your numeric keypad or by defined hot-keys. You can choose to see the report as graphics or as a table with plain data.

In this example I will show you how a manager of an organization of over 1000 employees, will be able to pinpoint and trace the part of his organization where people are not feeling happy. JavaScript will do the first analysis and will translate the information into SVG graphic display attributes. The manager will feel invited to do the final interpretation.


SVG as a powerful management information tool.
The major features include: