SVG1.2 Networking

Jan-Klaas Kollhof

Scalable Vector Graphics(SVG) is a specification for describing two dimensional vector graphics.
The format allows interactivity and animation using the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language(SMIL) and scripting. Besides the graphics aspect, SVG is more and more used to build web based applications. In such applications SVG is mostly utilized as a rich user interface communicating with the business logic running on a server.

With the 1.2 specification's networking interfaces new possibilities will open up for SVG application development.
The paper will show different usage scenarios for the new networking interfaces. These will for example include use cases like basic data transmission of forms data, communication with web services, server push applications for monitoring purposes, real time interactive multi user applications.
It will give an overview of protocols, script libraries and tools that can used with SVG1.2 compliant viewers and address limitations and security concerns.