goSVG - Standardization and promotion activity for LBS by SVG

KDDI R&D Laboratories Terminal Information Processing Laboratory
Satoru Takagi , Takaya Tanaka , Shigeki Muramatsu

In the near future when WWW is used in all places, WWW will have to handle the position. That is, LBS based on WWW will become very important as an information infrastructure in the future. It is necessary to standardize the infrastructure to secure fairness and interchangeability. The best format for the map that is the technique for expressing the position is a vector graphics. Therefore, standardized SVG is the best for the format of LBS.

Then, we established organization (goSVG Working Group) to do the spread promotion activity of LBS by SVG in Japan. GoSVG includes de jure standardization activities, verification experiments of interoperability and the experiments that proves the practicality. GoSVG has the specification to enhance a specification necessary for LBS to SVG1.1. This paper will insist that LBS be the most important application domain of SVG by introducing the outline of the goSVG promotion activity.