"g-CONTENTS Aggregation Service" which set SVG on the core


Conventional web service is a trinity of GIS software, map data and g-contents, and brings about large-scale systems configurations. So individuals or organizations that have g-contents could not provide with g-contents service easily. goSVG is an vector graphic which can be transformed to/from geographic coordinate systems, and can be created easily using appropriate authoring tools. Using goSVG we have experimented a g-contents gathering and distribution system that aims to separate GIS software, map data and various g-contents from each other, and conbines them dynamically by means of XML web services. In this paper we examine the effectiveness of;

Furthermore we investigate the availability and the dominance of goSVG in the market of g-content distribution business, and also consider issues and perspective of g-contents aggregation services. This Paper is related to goSVG


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