SVG Open 2004

Conference and Exhibition

Tokyo, Japan · Sept 7-10, 2004

3rd Annual Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics 日本語


Makoto Murata - International University of Japan

Can schemas help SVG interwork with other markup vocabularies? Wednesday September 8 9:30 am

Interworking with other markup vocabularies (e.g., XHTML, XForms, XML Events, SMIL, RDF, and MathML) is crucial to the success of SVG. This talk considers whether schemas (W3C XML Schema, RELAX NG, and DSDL-NVDL) help SVG interwork with them.

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Makoto Murata

Makoto Murata is a co-editor of the RELAX NG specifications of OASIS, the editor of its predecessor, RELAX Core of ISO/IEC, and the editor of ISO/IEC DSDL Part 4. He has been promoting hedge or tree automata as formal models for schemas since 1994. He was a member of the original XML WG, co-editor of media-type RFCs for XML, and the editor of the Japanese XML Profile.

Chris Lilley - Graphics Activity Lead, World Wide Web Consortium

What Does SVG Really Need Friday September 10 4:30 pm

Looking at the global SVG marketplace, Chris asks the questions 'Where is SVG strong'? 'Where is SVG weak?' 'Why?' and 'What is needed to move forward?'

Chris Lilley

Chris Lilley, previously at the Computer Graphics Unit in the UK, joined W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) in April 1996. He is Graphics Activity lead, chairs the SVG Working Group and is a member of the Technical Architecture Group and the XML and Hypertext Coordination Groups. His interests include 2D graphics - both vector and raster - XML, and multilingual typography. Chris is based at ERCIM/Sophia-Antipolis, France. He holds a BSc in Biochemistry, an MSc in Biological Computation and a postgraduate diploma in Bioinformatics, and has been working with Web Graphics since 1993.

Naomi Inoue - KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.

Introduction of SVG Based Software for Cellular Phones Wednesday September 8 10:00 am

The rapid spread of cellular phone has provided a huge benefit to our daily life. Moreover, GPS receivers and high resolution LCD have been implemented into cellular phones. In this point of view, there is increasing demand of vector graphics for cellular phones, which is scalable and can provide interactivity with end users. KDDI is developing the software based on SVG Mobile for cellular phones. In this presentation, I introduce the software and also show the future vision of KDDI.

Stefan K Gordon - .NET Developer, DocSoft, Inc.

SVG as knowledge multiplier Thursday September 9 9:30 am

The burgeoning use of XML is supplanting older standards in applications such as Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs). Traditional IETM standards such as MIL-M-87269 and S1000D implement Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), with Computer Graphics Metafile as the primary graphics exchange. One of the major shortcoming of the existing standards in IETM use today is the limitations of finding necessary operation and maintenance data contained within graphics, which often constitute 40% or more of data involved. The information richness of SVG provides the capability to significantly enhance information availability used in IETM applications as well enabling context-sensitive searching throughout graphics. Docsoft produces a number of IETM authoring and delivery. Docsoft is also developing SVG converters to capture existing data sets as well as integrating the information within to its search engine technology. This presentation will discuss how the use of SVG can significantly improve knowledge availability for IETM applications.

Uichiro Nozawa - General Manager, Meister Corporation

About the vision by SVG of Meister Thursday September 9 10:00 am

  1. About our company.
  2. SVG solution of our company.
    1. SVG converter
      • Changing from DXF, HPGL, and VISIO to SVG
    2. FIS
      • The facility management system using SVG
  3. Introduction example.
    • Hakodate city disaster prevention map
  4. A future measure.
    • SVG Editor for Visio

Hiroaki Ikeno - President, RESOLOGIC Inc.

What SVG can do Friday September 10 4:00 pm

Introduction of online publishing/designing system based on practical business.

I will introduce an online publishing and designing system that is actually running inservice.

This system delivers an interactive online DTP environment to the user. It uses SVG as an interface between the user and the system.
I will also show realtime client screen example of using fonts installed on the server.

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