SVG in 3GPP Multimedia Messaging and Streaming Services
Tolga Capin, Nokia Inc.

3GPP [1] was launched in 1998 by five Standards Development organisations to develop globally applicable technical specifications for Third Generation Mobile Systems. 3GPP's TSG SA WG4 (Codec) Group deals with the specifications for speech, audio, video, and multimedia codecs, in both circuit-switched and packet-switched environments. Other topics within the mandate of SA WG4 are: quality evaluation, end-to-end performance, and interoperability aspects with existing mobile and fixed networks, from a codec point of view.

3GPP has selected Mobile SVG as the mandatory vector graphics media format in MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) and PSS (Packet-Switched Streaming Service) in its Release 5 version. SVGT is the required vector graphics format, and support of SVGB is optional.

This paper will cover:


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