Real-World SVG Publishing with The Graphics Connection

While widely accepted to be the holy grail of graphics formats, SVG is still struggling to gain credibility as a future-proof real-world standard for companies to store, manage and deliver their graphical information in. Some of the barriers keeping SVG from crossing the chasm to mass cross-industry adoption are the lack of native application support, lack of native browser support in IE and the perceived dominance of Flash as the vector format for the Web. That, and the fact that few people realize how real companies in major industries are already using SVG as part of mission-critical processes and applications.

This paper will outline how you can use our software to generate SVG content from just about every application or database on any platform, without having to code it from scratch. It will show the capabilities of SVG acting as a page layout format rather than merely a vector graphics format, at the same time making a case to use SVG over PDF for delivering real-time content to the client's Web browser. Finally, it will hopefully strengthen your belief in the future and success of SVG by explaining 3 very different real-world commercial implementations of SVG and our software at companies in aerospace, defense and finance. They've made the leap of faith, so why shouldn't similar companies follow suit?

Software Overview

The Graphics Connection software generates SVG (and other vector formats) from print formats PostScript, EPS and PDF, and from Windows display formats WMF, EMF and GDI calls. Source files may contain vector graphics as well as raster images and font text strings. We offer different configurations (and licenses) for end users to run interactively of their PC desktops or UNIX workstations, for corporate developers to automate server-side implementations and for software developers to integrate this on-the-fly conversion capability into their own applications - adding SVG export, or bringing graphics into an SVG application. Our software comes from a technical documentation background and has been around since 1995. It is used worldwide at companies including Boeing, Ericsson, Reuters, Ford, Schlumberger, NASA, Sun Microsystems, Swiss Life, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Siemens, Lucent, Philips, ABB, Nokia, Raytheon and many more.

Business case 1 - Technical Publishing

A major US jet engine manufacturer runs our software as an automated part of their XML publishing flow to render technical graphics to SVG for both Web and print delivery of manuals and other publications.

Business case 2 - Financial Information

A leading global business information provider has integrated our software into a major corporate application for the financial industry, for real-time delivery of multi-page financial reports to the client's Web browser as SVG.

Business case 3 - Technical Documentation

A Swedish defense manufacturer is implementing our software on Linux workstations, for engineers and technical writers to bring graphics into their XML authoring environment in SVG format.

The paper and presentation will explain the platform and application environments of these business cases in technical detail.

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