The Next-Generation Web Client

by Chris Lilley

Interfaces to 'the web of network-accessible information' currently depend on a motley lash-up of undocumented and reverse-engineered layout conventions commonly termed 'an html browser' or as I prefer 'the legacy web client'. The development and maintenance cost to browser implementors on new and existing platforms is enormous, and the effort required to create interoperable, rich web content is also staggering. This is a huge economic drain that the industry can no longer afford.

One of the nice things about SVG is that developing this sort of visually rich and highly interactive content is so much easier. And SVG 1.2 has new features that help with that. But the true power of SVG as an XML application is only really apparent when the SVG namespace is mixed with other XML namespaces - XForms, SMIL, XHTML 2.0, XML Events, and YourVerticalML. This concluding keynote will examine how close we are to implementable specifications for true XML-enabled, SVG-focused, multinamespace clients that will carry us forward into the 21st century as the uniform interface for Web Services, the Mobile Web, and hopefully even the Desktop Web as well...