Leveraging the Right Tools for Reusable SVG Application Development

Shane Aulenback, Director of Development - Smart Graphics, Corel Corporation

SVG applications have opened a new world of possibility for Web applications. But SVG development is still in its infancy and new technologies are promising to have a dramatic effect on the way application code is created and reused.

One of the true benefits of XML application development lies in the ability to enable the complete separation of data, logic, and presentation. It is up to the software architect or developer to determine the appropriate level of separation. When designed correctly, this separation enables application code to be re-purposed for multiple applications - resulting in a significant return on investment.

In addition, this separation provides designers with other benefits. Perhaps even more importantly, it allows designers to create a framework that can enable an interface to be pointed at multiple databases, web services, file systems, etc. As a result, when the design or underlaying data changes, updated visual interfaces can be rapidly developed and deployed. These updates can be made almost automatically.

During this session, Shane Aulenback from Corel will demonstrate the dramatic impact that new technologies like Corel Smart Graphics Studio are having on the development of flexible and reusable SVG applications. Using the application, Mr. Aulenback will demonstrate the concurrent development of two different business intelligence interfaces - showing how rapidly these can be connected to common Web service frameworks and Oracle database architectures. He will also show the advantages of maintaining logic within the server layer.

This presentation will highlight the use of Corel Smart Graphics Studio with particular attention spent on the code produced and manipulating the code post-development.

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