SVG Open 2003
Conference and Exhibition

Vancouver, Canada · July 13-18, 2003

2nd Annual Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics


The SVG Open 2003 Exhibition will be held alongside the conference from Tuesday July 15 to Thursday July 17 in a spatious, well-equipped exhibit hall that doubles as the venue for lunch, coffee breaks, socializing and networking. It will give you the opportunity to play with the latest SVG applications and tools, talk to their creators, and hear exciting news of upcoming SVG product developments.

Exhibition hours are as follows:

The list of exhibitors is provided below, including numbered booth and poster positions as shown on the exhibit hall map.

If you are a vendor who would like to take advantage of this unique opportunity, please see our Call for Exhibitors and review the exhibition booth package described on the registration and pricing page.

SchemaSoft [booth #15]

SchemaSoft is the host of SVG Open 2003.

SchemaSoft has been providing software development services and licensed components to the professional software community since 1987. Notable clients include Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, and Corel. SchemaSoft has developed parts of many well-known products including Microsoft Office, Windows 2000, Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat, PageMaker, and Illustrator.

In addition to an an experienced and expert technical staff, SchemaSoft has developed numerous software libraries that include a comprehensive coverage of file formats, XML technologies, and graphics processing functionality.

The SchemaSoft team has extensive knowledge and experience in the following areas:

SchemaSoft actively advances industry standards as a member of the W3C and has co-authored the SVG specification. SchemaSoft is a privately held corporation located in Vancouver, British Columbia.


SchemaSoft presents an array of innovative SVG-centric technologies and products developed both by SchemaSoft and its product partners. Product categories will include data visualization, GIS/mapping, document conversion, and mobile deployment of SVG. In addition, the SchemaSoft team can provide the services that would enable you to deploy an SVG solution within the enterprise or enable your product to support SVG. Please visit the SchemaSoft pavillion to learn more.

Corel Corporation
Corel Corporation [booth #6-7]

Corel is a sponsor of SVG Open 2003.

With the introduction of CorelDRAW(R) in 1989, Corel Corporation helped to define computer-created graphics. Throughout the years, the company has continued to demonstrate its commitment to expanding the creative boundaries of its customers by creating software and services that simplify and accelerate the exchange of information and ideas.

Founded in 1985, Corel Corporation has earned an international reputation for excellence and innovation in software design. Building on the enduring appeal of its award-winning CorelDRAW(R) and WordPerfect(R) Office Suite, the company has combined its proven capabilities with new technologies to provide a unique category of software solutions and services. Corel's goal is to give customers the power to create, exchange and instantly interact with visual content that is always relevant, accurate and available.

Capitalizing on the company's expertise in content creation and support for industry standards including XML (extensible markup language) and SVG (scalable vector graphics), Corel provides solutions and services that deliver improved efficiencies and reduce costs. Building on the company's extensive experience and history with open standards, Corel has delivered the world's premier XML editing technology, Corel(R) XMetaL(R). In addition, the company has introduced Corel(R) Smart Graphics Studio, a new product that simplifies the creation of SVG-based smart graphics - a new form of dynamic Web application.

These solutions join Corel's full line of enterprise applications which also includes Corel Ventura(R) and the iGrafx(R) family of process management tools.

Every day, millions of customers depend on Corel software solutions to capture and communicate their ideas - across platforms, across devices and across continents. While these customers may have different priorities and demands, they are united in their need for software and solutions that accelerate their productivity, amplify the impact of their ideas and give them a competitive edge.

With its global headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, and offices around the world, Corel continues to build its presence internationally through regionally based teams in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Corel is publicly traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol CORL and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol COR.

For more information about Corel and its full product offering, please visit


Corel(R) Smart Graphics Studio and Corel(R) XMetaL(R) will be exhibited.

Apache Batik
Apache Batik [poster #12]

Batik is a JavaTM technology based toolkit for applications or applets that want to use images in the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format for various purposes, such as viewing, generation or manipulation.


The Booth will present the Apache Batik project and will describe the functionality of the toolkit.

BitFlash [booth #15]

Established in 1997, BitFlash is the industry-recognized leader in implementing Mobile SVG solutions. The company's SVG based products and solutions are used by handset manufacturers, wireless carriers and infrastructure solution vendors to create, deliver and predictably render visually rich information and entertainment. BitFlash is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

BitFlash is a SchemaSoft Partner Company.


Causeway Graphical Systems Ltd
Causeway Graphical Systems Ltd [poster #10]

Causeway is a small British software company, founded in 1994 and specializing in business and scientific graphics, as well as working on more general Operations Research projects. We are based in North Yorkshire, and our business has developed around long-term associations with a variety of clients around the world, for example SAP, SoftMed, Cognos, and government departments such as the Finnish Dept of National Statistics.


Causeway has been providing tools to software developers since the company was founded, and our charting and reporting engines were an early spinoff from various consulting projects. These tools were built around a set of PostScript macros, have converted very cleanly to SVG, and are now available as GraPL (desktop) and for server-side use. We now base our consulting work around these products, and are happy to assist users with chart and report design. The advent of SVG has allowed us to make our tools available to a much wider marketplace, and we see a considerable potential for live graphics as part of a well-designed web-interface to many different data-sources. The example at is typical.

Community Grids Laboratory of Indiana University CGL@IU
Community Grids Laboratory of Indiana University CGL@IU [booth #8]

CGL@IU is a Research Organization developing distributed system architecture and technology for Grid, P2P and Web applications. Projects include pervasive access technology, Grid portals and Services, high-performance Java and a set of collaboration applications.


CGL@IU will demonstrate an approach to collaboration which supports scalable synchronous conferences using a new Java messaging infrastructure NaradaBrokering supporting both JMS and JXTA. We use SVG with collaborative games to demonstrate support of collaborative Web Services controlled by XGSP, which is an open source MCU compatible with H.323 and SIP. We show different ways of restructuring SVG and the advantage of a Web service architecture.

Corinex Communications Corp.
Corinex Communications Corp. [booth #13]

Corinex Communications Corp is an industry leader in the development and distribution of Powerline networking products and software. Through the use of the existing wiring and the wall plugs in any home or office Corinex's Intelligent PowerNet Adapters create an instant Local Area Network (LAN) that can network computers and other IP devices at an incredible 14 Mbps.


Corinex Intelligent PowerNet modems are used for the SVG Open 2003 LAN

EvolGrafiX [booth #15]

EvolGrafiX is a new, innovative company providing new innovative technologies for SVG, XML, XSLT and others. EvolGrafiX is specialized in the graphics business combined with higher-level technologies like XML, Dynamic Data, Real-Time Data and much more. EvolGrafiX uses SVG as its main format for all of its products. The newest technologies are a complete SVG-Platform which uses SVG as base including XML, XSLT, XPath, Databases and real-time data. EvolGrafiX also provides its successful authoring solution for SVG, the XStudio II.

EvolGrafiX is a SchemaSoft Partner Company.


XStudio II
The authoring solution for SVG, including code-support, fast engine, animations, interactivity and much more

SVG-Platform (realSVG)
General platform for SVG, XSLT, XPATH, XML, Databases and Real-Time Data. Uses the XStudio II as base and extends it with powerful abilities.

Be prepared for new EvolGrafiX product developments to be announced at SVG Open 2003!

Galdos Systems Inc.
Galdos Systems Inc. [booth #4]

Founded in 1998, Galdos Systems Inc.TM revolutionized GIS Technology and mobilized the worldwide Geo-Web by authoring the Geography Markup Language (GML). A company grounded in innovation, Galdos is a leading provider of cost-effective systems and tools for delivering Geographic Information (GI) over the Internet.


Galdos Systems will demonstrate its industry leading CartalineaTM Geographic Data Server platform and associated FreeStylerTM vector Web Map Server. FreeStyler provides maps in SVG, or standard image formats (JPG, PNG) and enables users to define map styles by simple point and click operations.

Geotechnologies, Inc.
Geotechnologies, Inc. [booth #10]

Geotechnologies is a large GIS data capture firm that handles large projects anywhere in the world. We specialize in very accurate mapping projects, which are usually in the sub-foot range. We have been working in SVG for almost 3 years.


We will be showing the SVG applications that we have built. This will be run from a laptop computer.

Intesis Ltd.
Intesis Ltd. [booth #9]

Intesis primary orientation is development of real time embedded systems, human-machine interface (HMI) software, SVG based systems and supporting visual tools and environments. Intesis is member of holonic network of companies represented by Ultimodule ( and global Exor organization.


eSVG - - embedded SVG, a lightweight implementation of the subsets of SVG 1.1 and SVG Mobile specifications suitable for integration into various embedded systems requiring flexible and powerful XML based vector graphic capabilities. eSVG Package consists of JS eSVG Viewer for PC and Pocket PC (also in form of ActiveX or DLL) and JS eSVG IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which provides rapid and comfortable development of eSVG applications containing both SVG and JavaScript files. eSVG makes also part of different other SVG related products, for example: XStudio II Authoring Solution, Xynamic PRO, XCreator and XView from EvolGrafiX also use eSVG engine and technology.

Mobiform Software Ltd.
Mobiform Software Ltd. [booth #5]

Mobiform Software Ltd. offers unique expertise in evaluating opportunities and designing solutions by leveraging emerging technologies. Mobiform is currently pioneering the development of SVG-enabling products. The Mobiform team consists of experienced software developers, system engineers, and product architects with proven track records in a variety of industries. Drawing on this talent, along with leading-edge .NET development technology, Mobiform quickly and affordably builds superior, light-weight and feature-filled software products.


Mobiform will be demonstrating their .NET development components for SVG and SVG capabilities on the PocketPC. The Mobiform team consists of experienced software developers, system engineers, and product architects with proven track record in a variety of industries. Mobiform is available to assist with your next development project.

NexusChips Co., Ltd.
NexusChips Co., Ltd. [booth #3]

NexusChips is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets SOC(System-On-Chip) semiconductors chip & S/W system solution for multimedia oriented mobile phone and hand-held mobile devices.

As mobile contents become more complex, the ability to efficiently process multimedia contents becomes a necessity on mobile devices such as mobile phone handsets and PDAs. Applications such as Flash, animation, video and graphics-rich games all require high performance graphics and multimedia capabilities.

To address this challenge, NexusChips currently focuses on SOC (System-On-Chip) and embedded software solutions for multimedia acceleration to power the mobile phones including PDAs.

This silicon-based acceleration engine will dramatically boost the performance of graphics and rich multimedia contents while reducing the battery power consumption and memory usage. The single-chip display controller supports the acceleration of Flash images, 2D/3D Graphics, and Video on the LCD display of the mobile phones.

  1. Low power & Fully Accelerated Graphic/ Image display control SoC Chip
  2. System integrated display controller for TFT/ LTPS/ OLED display solution
  3. SVG Basic/Tiny engine software with graphics accelerated chip
  4. SVG editing tool software for mobile devices

SVG Foundation
SVG Foundation [booth #14]

A non-profit California Corporation advocating the use of Scalable Vector Graphics.

Our four primary objectives are as follows:


Maintains for links to examples and resources.

Introducing our; Scalable Vector Graphics Web Services Initiative, applications/server space for experimentation and development for the "community" in the context of a visually compelling pragmatic functionality. Working production environment set for October, 2003.

The SVG Chart Service is an SVG Foundation project that will provide a web service mechanism for designers and developers to incorporate SVG format charts into their web copy. The Chart Service is the world's first published application built on Kimanzi Mati's Superx++ object oriented XML based programming language and served from Emergent Logic's SuperxME (Superx++ Markup Engine).

Safe Software
Safe Software [booth #1]

Safe Software is the world's leading supplier of spatial data translation and transformation software.

Founded in 1993, we are focused on enhancing access to spatial data resources by providing software solutions that deliver seamless data format translation. Our standalone, web-based and embeddable software products are used worldwide by organizations that need to access and manipulate GIS and CAD data in over 100 different data formats, including SVG.

For more information, visit our website at, send us an e-mail at, or call us at 604-501-9985.


FME - FME is a Spatial ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tool that makes it easy for organizations to translate, transform, share and enhance their data between over 100 GIS, CAD, and database formats; including SVG. FME consists of three main components: a translator, a transformation editor, and a viewer. For a free evaluation, visit

SpatialDirect - SpatialDirect enables users to distribute and retrieve spatial data in the format and projection of their choice using a standard web browser. SpatialDirect uses Safe Software's powerful FME technology to transform data into dozens of common formats. SpatialDirect works with spatial databases like ArcSDE, Geodatabase, GeoMedia Warehouse, Oraclee 8i/9i Spatial, and with flat files like Shape, CAD formats and GML. Go to to try SpatialDirect. To see how SpatialDirect integrates with different web-mapping applications, visit

FME Objects - FME Objects, the embeddable version of FME, provides a set of software components for working with spatial data. Application developers use FME Objects to build powerful spatial data translation and processing capabilities into new or existing applications. Supported interfaces include: Java, C++, C, COM (VB), .NET (C#, VB.NET), Delphi and ArcView Avenue. A free evaluation is available from Safe Software's website at

Professional Services - Safe Software provides a wide-range of client support services, including solution assistance, training, project implementation, and application development assistance. Customers who have benefited from using Professional Services include: BellSouth, BC Hydro, City of Calgary, GDT, Itron, Louisville Gas & Electric, NIMA, EnCana, Qwest, and Southern Company.

Savage Software
Savage Software [booth #11-12]

Savage Software is a leading provider of software tools for CAD and GIS professionals that publish data to the internet. Our three products, DataSlinger 2.0, CAD2SVG and DGN2SVG can take source CAD and GIS data and create fully-interactive output SVG files within minutes. Our products are utilized in many industries including Facilities Management, Inside/Outside Plant Management, Telecom, Parts Catalogues and Auto/Aero Manufacturers. Savage Software is a division of Primaci Solutions Inc. and is a privately-held company based in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada. More information on our company, products and services can be found at


DataSlinger 2.0 enables users to create fully-interactive web content from CAD and GIS data in many formats including DWG, DGN and SHP within minutes of installation. Using the open-standard format called Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as output, all Savage products are highly cost-effective. SVG can be viewed in a number of free viewers and as SVG is an XML-based format, the output can easily be integrated into business systems of all types. DataSlinger 2.0 will have an estimated 200,000 seats installed by January of 2004, making it one of the leading SVG applications on the internet.

CAD2SVG and DGN2SVG are best-in-class desktop software solutions for converting DWG, DXF and DGN files to compact and complete SVG files that render quickly in any of the free SVG viewers. The SVG output maintains all relevant data from the source CAD files including attribute and block data, database links, origin and co-ordinate info as well as all geometry and text. The converters are updated constantly to be compatible with leading CAD applications and both converters are also available in command-line and library versions for use in server environments or to be integrated into third-party software applications.

Software Mechanics
Software Mechanics [booth #15]

Software developers who make Intel computers do things that mature PC software franchises don't necessarily get.

Software Mechanics is a SchemaSoft Partner Company.


SVGmaker - a printer driver that generates efficient SVG and SVGZ from standard Windows programs.

Mobile Desktop Server Printing

Statistics Netherlands
Statistics Netherlands [poster #11]

Statistics Netherlands is a department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The information Statistics Netherlands collects incorporates a multitude of societal aspects, from macro-economic indicators such as economic growth and consumer prices, to the income of individual people.


StatLine is the electronic databank of Statistics Netherlands. It contains statistical information on many social and economic subjects in the form of tables and graphs. All the information in StatLine may be consulted, printed and downloaded free of charge. On a test site, server-side generated SVG is used to provide the user with a flexible, customisable interface to all StatLine publications, providing output in the form of maps, graphs and tables.

StatLine will be exhibited as a conference poster.

XStream Software, Inc.
XStream Software, Inc. [booth #2]

XStream Software is an award-winning developer of programming-free authoring technologies. XStream's products are used by thousands of internationally known clients representing businesses across all market sectors.


RapidSVGT is a vector-based authoring application for creating SVG web sites and animations.

RapidBuilderR, RapidExamT, Performance AnalyzerT, and LGP BuilderT are used to create interactive simulations, exams/assessments, performance-based evaluations, and live in-application guidance.

RapidManagerT and RapidPortalT provide administrative tracking capabilities.

Further Information

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