SVG for webmapping

Usability issues

Mike Mueller
Institute for SVG-Mapping
XML-Town University

1523 SVG-Land
e-mail: mueller@webmapping.uni.svg
fax: ++99-1324-1341324-32
webpage: http://www.webmapping.uni.svg/

Keywords: Webmapping with SVG; Usability issues; SVG-GUI


Webmapping with SVG is a major breakthrough in terms of interactivity and ... The institute's project wants to deliver a framework for interactive ...


There is a clear demand from map users for ...


Goals of the project

The system uses GML to store and transport ...

Architecture of the System

The architecture of the framework ...

The systems architecture

Figure 1: Architecture of the system

Table 1: Webstandards used in the project and it's corresponding version numbers.
Web Standard Version number
SVG 1.1
ECMA Javascript 1.4

Example Source Code

Initializing the Map-Viewer

function initMap(evt) {
// Retrieve the SVG document object:
var directTarget = evt.getTarget();
if( directTarget.getNodeType() != 9 ) // if not DOCUMENT_NODE
svgDoc = directTarget.getOwnerDocument();
svgDoc = directTarget;

//get reference to text-Element
svgObjX = svgDoc.getElementById("coordx");
svgObjY = svgDoc.getElementById("coordy");
//get reference to text within text-Element
svgObjX = svgObjX.getFirstChild();
svgObjY = svgObjY.getFirstChild();
svgSVGObj = svgDoc.getDocumentElement();

Digitizing a Profile

function digitProfile(myLayer) {
	//.... some code


The projects work has shown ...


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