SVG animation for the people

Antoine Quint, ILOG


Antoine Quint is a software engineer with much interest in SVG as a real world web standard. He has spoken in various conferences in 2001 and is the author of the SVG column. Antoine currently works at ILOG in Paris and is the maintainer of SVG resource site

Short Description

SVG is not just a static web graphics format, it also offers designers and programmers alike stupendous animation capabilities unmatched by preceding web graphics technologies. This session will introduce attendees to the simplicity and power of SVG animation by example.


Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG, a W3C recommendation) is an XML grammar for describing 2D vector graphics, filter effects and animation. While its potential is very much reminiscent of the proprietary Flash SWF format, the two technologies differ in many areas, and most noticeably in their animation features. SVG's animation is mostly a reuse of the animation module of the established W3C XML Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) specification. SMIL has a time and property-based approach to animating graphical objects and boasts a rather simple syntax considering its stunning power. This talk will focus on exploring SVG animation with SMIL as illustrated by no-nonsense examples for designers and programmers alike. After this presentation, attendees will have a fair idea on how to animate SVG properties, synchronize and repeat animations, handle mouse interactivity and use spline-based speed control.