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Visualizing Data with D3.js

Michael BostockMichael Bostock (Square, Inc., Visualization Scientist)

Michael Bostock received the BSE degree in computer science in 2000 from Princeton University. He is currently a visualization scientist and analytics lead for Square, Inc. Prior to Square, he was a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science department at Stanford University, where he developed Protovis with Jeff Heer. He also worked as a design technologist for Stamen, collaborating with SimpleGeo in the development of Polymaps. Before joining Stanford, he was a staff engineer at Google, where he developed search quality evaluation methodologies and experimental search user interfaces. His open-source development is now focused on D3.js, a visualization library for SVG and HTML.

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SVG Wow 2011

Erik DahlströmErik Dahlström (Opera Software)

Erik Dahlström is the SVG team leader at Opera Software ASA, where he's been working as a software developer since 2001. He holds an MSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Institute of Technology at Linköping University (LiTH), Sweden. Since 2005 Mr Dahlström has been the primary representative of Opera Software on the W3C SVG Working Group. He is currently the co-chair of the group.

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Welcome to SVG Open 2011

Patrick DenglerPatrick Dengler (Microsoft, Senior Program Manager)

Patrick Dengler is a member of W3C SVG Working Group. He has been at Microsoft working on technologies ranging from developer tools and frameworks, extensibility and web technologies spanning products such as Visual Studio, Office, Microsoft Business Solutions, Windows and Internet Explorer. He has focused on delivering graphics, including SVG, into Internet Explorer. Patrick holds an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and a MS in Computer Science from University of Washington.

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Google Docs: Building Full Scale SVG Applications

Igor KopylovIgor Kopylov (Google, Software Engineer)

Igor Kopylov is a software engineer at Google, where he's been working since completing his M.Eng in computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is passionate about graphics and web development, and working with SVG has given him the opportunity to bring the two together. His recent work on Google Docs has been focused on SVG performance and cross-browser compatibility.

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WiseMapping: 5 years of development with SVG.

Paulo VeigaPaulo Veiga (WiseMapping, Founder)

Paulo Veiga received the Computer Science degree in 2004 from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. He founded WiseMapping in 2007 while working at Fuego Inc. Fuego Inc was acquired by BEA and then BEA by Oracle. At present, he is Senior Developer Manager at Oracle in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His team is responsible for backend and integration services for the Business Process Management Suite.

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