Conference News

October 21: Thanks for your Participation and Support!

We would like to thank the speakers, keynote speakers, attendees, sponsors and organizers for a successful SVG Open 2011 conference! Special thanks to our host Microsoft. With the help of Patrick Dengler Microsoft became our conference host and Jean Taylor did a great job organizing the event. Special thanks also to Deb Whitfield, David Dailey and the students from Slippery Rock University.

The keynotes were the highlights at the conference. Seeing SVG being used in large applications such as Google docs or in products like WiseMapping, with all the successes and problems that arise during their development was inspiring. The d3.js visualization presentation was, like SVG Wow, truly amazing. It is great to see how well the W3C graphics technologies like SVG, CSS, DOM/Ecmascript, Canvas and others can be combined for their strength and result in well-performing and usable applications. SVG Wow was fabulous (as always!) and also showed new ways to combine SVG with new technologies like CSS transforms, animations and shaders.

Many presentations highlighted the usefulness of SVG in different domains, such as publishing, documentation, multimedia and games, education or mapping. Sometimes SVG plays the main role, but is often behind the scenes, unnoticed by the user.

There is still a lack of authoring tools in SVG - and it was good to see progress in different tools: Inkscape, Adobe Flash (will be able to export to HTML5/SVG/CSS/Script), Adobe Edge, Adobe Illustrator, Maqetta (a new open source HTML5 authoring tool developed by IBM and others).

SVG Open 2012 will be held in Switzerland. It will be the 10th anniversary of SVG Open and we hope being able to put together an inspiring event. Thank you in advance for your support!

October 8: Free Electronic Book from O'Reilly

Conference attendees will receive a free electronic book from publisher O'Reilly chosen from a given set of books around web technologies.

October 3: Schedule Changes

The conference schedule was slightly changed. Some of the times shifted, the lunch breaks are a bit shorter to allow for more free time in the evenings. There had been 3 cancellations, but on the other hand we have some late entries, such as Adobes presentation on their authoring tools, IBM's presentation on Maqetta, the WiseMapping keynote and a presentation on power analytics visualizations.

October 3: Paulo Veiga and Pablo Luna are Keynote Speakers

They are presenting on WiseMapping, an online mind-mapping application that runs in all modern browsers. Older IE browsers are using the VML format as an alternative. They are presenting their system, the technical architecture, the obstacles and problems they hit and how they tackled them.

September 26: Institute of Applied Computational Science, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is a new Silver Sponsor

The Institute for Applied Computational Science is a new organization launched by the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in September 2010. IACS will provide an intellectual home for computational science at Harvard. The institute is building an interdisciplinary graduate program focusing on the use of computation to power discovery and innovation. Thanks for supporting the conference!

September 22: Adobe is a new Gold Sponsor

Adobe was a key supporter of the SVG standard in its early days and Adobe employee JF was the main editor of the version 1.0 of the format specification. Later on Adobe's focus shifted towards different multimedia and graphics technologies but it continued to support SVG in some of its authoring tools. Now, with a larger penetration of SVG viewing technologies in modern web browsers and mobile phones as part of the HTML5 effort, Adobe is again interested in better supporting the graphics format. Thanks for sponsoring the conference!

September 4: Rochester Institute of Technology is a new Silver Sponsor

The faculty in the Information Sciences and Technologies Department have been deeply involved with web technololgies for more than 15 years, and have specifically been using SVG in curriculum and scholarship since 2002. The faculty boasts multiple members of W3C working and interest groups and is active in the formation and future of the web.

September 2: Dinner Event Information Published

As the traditional conference dinner event we offer a scenic tour as a boat ride in Boston harbor. Information is published here. Please note that the conference dinner has to be registered separately. The price is US$ 75.- per person. You are invited to bring along accompanying persons.

August 14: Conference Registration and Payment Open

The conference registration is now open. If you pre-registered already you can login and go to "Final Registration and Payment". If you haven't yet created a login, please create one first and continue to the final registration and payment. Because it took us so long to prepare the registration and payment system, we will extend the early bird deadline to September 5 instead of August 31. Thank you for registering soon and looking forward to meet you in Cambridge, MA!

July 22: Conference Schedule and Workshops Announced

The conference schedule and the workshops have just been announced. Please note that the schedule is still subject to change.

July 13: IBM is a Gold Sponsor

As in the year 2009, IBM is again a gold sponsor of the conference. Thanks again for supporting the conference!

July 12: Google is a Platinum Sponsor

Next to a keynote on the use of SVG for Google docs, Google is also a platinum sponsor of the conference. Thanks to Google for their continuous support of the conference!

July 7: Michael Bostock is a keynote speaker

We are happy to announce another very interesting keynote: Mike Bostock, author of the libraries d3.js, protovis and polymaps, is presenting about his most recent work: d3.js, a very powerful, yet flexible visualization library.

June 29: First Keynotes Announced

We are happy to announce the first interesting keynotes. Igor Kopylov from the Google docs team will be talking about SVG's role in Googles office suite, the challenges he met and how he were able to deal with them. The closing keynote will be a classic: SVG Wow 2011 from the well-known SVG Wow duo: Vincent Hardy (Adobe) and Erik Dahlström (Opera). They will show cool demos including graphical effects, animation and interactivity involving SVG and other web standards. See their previous work.

June 20: List of Abstracts and Speakers published

After the reviewing process we can now publish a list of accepted presentations with abstracts and a list of speakers. Please note that this list is still subject to change. If you have something really cool to present or a workshop idea but could not make it in time for the reviewing, please contact us at info (at) svgopen (dot) com. We may still be able to add some late contributions.

June 16: Presenter and Paper Instructions Updated

The presenter and papers instructions have been updated. Thanks to all the presenters and paper authors for submitting their work and for sticking to the guidelines to allow for consistent proceedings!

June 15: Slight Delay in the Reviewing Process

There is a slight delay in the reviewing process. People will be informed about acceptance within the next 24 hours. Thank you for your patience!

June 9: Slippery Rock University is our first Gold Sponsor

We welcome Slippery Rock University (SRU) as our first gold sponsor. SRU staff have been strong SVG supporters in the past and use SVG for teaching and research. They also provided teaching and e-learning material for learning SVG development. The Slippery Rock Foundation Inc. is supporting the SVG Open 2011 conference by managing the conference account.

April 20: Abstract submission deadline extended

The abstract submission deadline has been extended to May 15. As a result, submitters will receive notification about acceptance a bit later, at the latest by June 15. Thanks to those people who submitted their abstract in time!

March 24: Reviewing Committee Complete

The reviewing team is now complete. As in past years we gathered a group of SVG specialists from various organizations, companys and universities from various parts of the world. Thanks again to the reviewers dedicating their time to reading and judging the abstracts and proposing improvements.

March 23: Pricing Information Available

The conference budget has been discussed and the conference fees have been published. See "Pricing" page for additional information.

March 4: SVG Open 2011 Website going Online

The SVG Open 2011 website is published with first information on the conference:

  • First information on the venue
  • Conference date
  • Call for participation: papers and courses/workshops
  • Conference committees and organizers announced