SVG Diagram Viewer/Editor for Requirements Management

Laurent Fournier

A small SVG diagram tool

Simple test

Requirements Management (RE)

Engineering activity to capture, share, trace and verify for a product/service to build, the customer expectations with technological and business constraints.


Requirements on Requirements:

Critical Systems Development: DO-178B/C

The FORMOSE Project

"FOrmal Requirements Modelling in an Open-Source Environment"

Today's Tool offering for RE

Tools on Eclipse


Tool Requirements

  • + Open-Source
  • + Configuration Management
  • Prototype Tool Design


    Nested Diagrams Browsing

    Nested Diagrams Editing

    Anonymous diagram

    Give diagram content:"This is my diagram":G Goal:G Goal1:G "This is my diagram"->Goal "This is my diagram"->Goal1 Agent:A Agent->Goal1

    Diagram Integrity Checking

    Give "GIT commit" (sha1):

    or shorter (mini 5 characters):

    Diagram Sharing

    Give "Diagram Id":


    Download prototype:

    Tool online: