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Publishing and printing with SVG

SVG 1.2 Print contains page layout features to support medium to high end quality page layouts for printing. These features will be of particular interest and importance to graphics artists, those in the pre-press and transactional printing industry. Such users require ways to create template layouts that can accommodate variable data sizes, whilst produce vibrant eye catching output per page.

The printing functionality of SVG has been under development for some time and now has a new Working Draft published. Adding printing functionality to SVG has made the specification more Page Description Language friendly. As a result the SVG Print module can be used by authors and print vendors of various levels. This presentation will attempt to provide use cases of SVG Print for the various users of the specification.

SVG Print currently supports pagination, allowing for multiple master pages to be specified for a set of pages. Pages can be styled using CSS or their layout defined with XSL-FO and the formatted output then saved to SVG Print. SVG Print expands the colours available for to use authors through its support for various colour spaces such as linearRGB, LAB, and LCHAB. The colour features allow printer specific colours to be used in a document and printed in the final output. Colour interpolation in one of the extended colour spaces can be performed to produce a more linear transition between colours. SVG Print extends SVG 1.2 full, and as a result inherits the advanced features that exist in SVG 1.2 full. These include text flow, vector effects, advanced compositing operations and filters effects.

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