Conference and Exhibition

5th International Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics

Conference takes place in Tokyo, Japan, 4-7 September 2007Link to Japanese version
Call for Participation

At this fifth international SVG Open conference, this is your chance to discuss development experience, products, workflows and strategies involving SVG. The primary conference language is English; translation facilities will be available to encourage English-Japanese communication.

We have already closed the submission and accepted papers. Authors of accepted papers have to submit their papers before August 15 (Extended). The instruction is available at the presenter's page.

Presenting a Paper

Presenters are asked to submit an extended abstract, in English or Japanese, (approx. 400 to 800 words) by June 10, 2007 in XHTML 1.1 format. The abstracts are reviewed by a reviewing committee and presenters will be informed about acceptance on or before June 25, 2007.

If your abstract is accepted, you will be asked to submit your full paper by August 1, 2007, according to instructions that will be sent to you. Accepted abstracts, papers and presentations will be published on the conference CD and Web proceedings.

Presentation Format

Presentations can take one of two formats:

  1. Regular Presentation: Spaced 45 minutes apart on the schedule, with approximately 30 minutes spent on the presentation, 5-10 minutes for questions, and 5 minutes for people to change rooms. Most presentations will be in this format.
  2. Panel Discussion: Given 60-minute time slots, with approximately 15 minutes spent on introducing the panelists and agenda, 40 minutes of questions and discussion, and 5 minutes for people to change rooms. Panelists should be experts in a common area of specialization of interest to conference attendees. If you would like to organize and lead a panel discussion, then please submit an abstract containing the agenda, and listing your panelists as co-authors.

Paper Topics

The following are some suggested topics for your papers. This is just to get you thinking - you are welcome to come up with your own topic area not on the list.

  • Mobile (handheld, in-car) solutions
  • SVG authoring tools
  • Publishing and printing with SVG
  • SVG Text and Internationalization
  • Accessibility of SVG
  • Location-based services
  • Business cases and case studies
  • Workflow for creating and using SVG
  • SVG and Digital Television
  • Graphic design with SVG
  • SVG for Webmapping and Online GIS/GML
  • SVG for Multimedia presentations
  • Server-side SVG generators and manipulators
  • SVG authoring techniques
  • Making graphics accessible
  • Interactivity and scripting
  • GUI frameworks for Web applications
  • File format conversion
  • Case studies

Submission Guidelines

When submitting an extended abstract, please

  1. Choose a file name that is your paper title (or an abbreviation thereof), written in camel case, and followed by ".html". For example, if your title is "Techniques for Interactive Display of Large Data Sets with Application to Project Planning" then your abstract file name could be "DisplayingLargeDataSets.html", whereas if your title were "Virtual Origami" then your abstract file name should be "VirtualOrigami.html". In the unlikely event that two or more submitted file names are identical, our online system will make them unique by appending digits.
  2. Include the title of your proposed paper within <h1>...</h1>.
  3. Include the XHTML 1.1 DOCTYPE declaration.
  4. Validate your file, and if necessary use HTML Tidy to fix any errors.

How to submit

  1. Go to Login page. Create your account if you do not have one yet.
  2. Login and click "Add new paper abstract" on User Home page.
  3. Submit your paper abstract.
Teaching a Course

Instructors are asked to submit a course outline by June 10, 2007. The outlines are reviewed by a reviewing committee and instructors informed about acceptance on or before June 25, 2007.

Accepted course outlines will be published as course descriptions in the program. Therefore they should be directed at those who might register for the course rather than the reviewers.

Courses are 150 minutes in length, scheduled in three time slots: morning and afternoon of September 4, 2007. We are interested in proposals for both beginner courses and advanced courses, to cater to the diverse interests of all conference attendees.

Here is a list of topics of potential interest for courses. Feel free to either volunteer for one of these or propose your own topic.

  • Introduction to SVG
  • SVG Authoring Techniques
  • Creating Mobile SVG content
  • UI Design
  • Using SVG Tools
  • CSS
  • XSLT
  • SMIL Animation
  • ECMAScript and the DOM
  • Graphic Design
  • SVG Filter Effects
  • Rendering Algorithms
  • Generating SVG from Database Content

How to submit

  1. Go to Login page. Create your account if you do not have one yet.
  2. Login and click "Add new course outline" on User Home page.
  3. Submit your course outline.
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