SVG Open 2006 cancelled, SVG Open 2007 under way

Because of a serious personal health emergency, the organizer of this year's conference, dated for October 16-19 in Victoria, BC, Canada, has regretfully had to cancel the conference. Unfortunately, at the time the committee was informed by the cancellation it was already too late to come up with an alternative organizer for the envisaged date. Our deepest regrets for those who were looking forward to this year's conference. We hope that people have not already booked flights and hotels.

Thanks also to those 45 people sending in papers. 45 papers is a nice result considering the fact that organization went slowly and information came sparely. Also, there wasn't much advertising made.

Plans for an SVG.Open 2007 are currently underway, with a different chair, organization committee and venue. Currently, there are two bids under consideration, more bids (both for 2007 and 2008) are welcome. Please mail to Andreas Neumann if you want to submit a bid for the upcoming years or if you need more information on the conference. We will inform you as soon as more information becomes available.

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