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4th Annual Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics
Conference takes place in Enschede, The Netherlands, 15-18 August 2005

Welcome to Vectoreal...

We are a new web application solutions company providing superior application development services for enterprise clients.

Our company is made up of the leading experts in the field of rich standards-compliant web applications.

...for scalable solutions!


Vectoreal is currently developing several Web-based and desktop-based applications. We will soon have product announcements as these products reach fruition, but for now, here is a list of some of the current developments:

  • Data Visualization Tool - A generic SVG browser for structured data, with modules for genetic and biochemical data.
  • WorkMap - An SVG-based interactive workflow framework.
  • Mobogo Games - A suite of SVG-based games for mobile devices.


Vectoreal specializes in Scalable Vector Graphic, and we offer several related services.

  • Custom Development - We build custom Web solutions for enterprise businesses, not limited to SVG. Current projects include an online business card designer for
  • Training - We have several curricula for in-house training sessions, including PERL and SVG. Our training sessions have been praised by a major European airline.
  • Expert Hotline - We will soon be offering a dedicated service for guaranteed, time-sensitive expert advice on SVG and other Web technologies, on a per-question basis. Stay tuned for details, or contact us for immediate assistance.


As developers dedicated to the promotion of standards, we have created several open-source libraries and applications freely available to the SVG community.

  • CGUI: an SVG and ECMAScript graphical user interface library.
  • Braintag: a set of SVG-based Linguistics applications.


Visit our booth at the sponsor's corner.