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4th Annual Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics
Conference takes place in Enschede, The Netherlands, 15-18 August 2005

Pilat Informatique


Pilat Informatique is a specialised SVG company.

They specialize in building SVG solutions going from Geographical Tools to
Mathematical applications. Their main purpose is to divulgate the knowledge
of SVG throughout the world. In order to do this they wrote a book and a
website well known in the SVG field:

Pilat Informatique is glad to exhibit at the SVG Open with its new partner
RecogInk Solutions.


RecogInk Solutions is a start-up company specialized in Form Management.
RecogInk Solutions with the help of Pilat Informatique created a new Form
Handwriting Recognition System based on pen stroke recognition.

The new handwriting recognition system works with a unique stand-alone
device with storage capabilities that digitally captures and stores everything
you write or draw with ink on ordinary paper, without the use of computers
and special papers. RecogInk works also on Tablet PCs.

The entire RecogInk Software works via a Web Interface through SVG and

For more information go to:

If you want to test the Software visit our booth at the sponsor's corner.