Batik, SVG 1.2 and sXBL

Cameron McCormack

March 2, 2005

The upcoming SVG 1.2 recommendation is sure to bring with it much fervour from developers who look forward to creating reusable components with sXBL, SVG's XML Binding Language. While custom elements can be handled in SVG documents in SVG 1.1, by script looking through the document for the custom elements and then creating base SVG elements to represent them, sXBL promises to provide a clean framework for separating the implementation of a custom element from the document in which it resides.

Support for SVG 1.2 features in Batik, the Java SVG toolkit, are just beginning to be implemented (apart from a flow text implementation, which has existed as a Batik extension for a while, and has recently been upgraded to be handled as SVG 1.2 elements). At the time of writing, sXBL support is well on its way to completion.

In this talk I will discuss the road ahead for SVG 1.2 support in Batik, the implementation of sXBL, and demonstrate some examples of sXBL components being used in a real, live SVG user agent.

Note that this talk is contingent on my being able to secure funding to travel to Enschede, which at the time of writing seems unlikely.