As an (independent) web developer you cannot focus on one technology alone. Only PHP, only Java, only Python just is not enough. And therefore, a lot of such technology-independent developers have also met Microsofts ASP.NET on their way, including ourselves. In the area of web design and development with SVG or Flash, it is not so easy to be open-minded. SVG is an amazing technology, but succeeds only in some areas. Now Microsoft has in some way taken the idea of SVG and announced an own vector graphic language, XAML. XAML is part of Avalon, the presentation layer of the next Windows, code name Longhorn. WVG (Windows Vector Graphics) is the vector graphic part of XAML and it looks almost like SVG. This talk examines the technical differences and how to use SVG know-how for XAML. It also focuses on preparing you for the XAML impacts on your daily work. Important questions are: Will XAML get a part of the Internet or is it just Windows-based? How can you convert SVG to XAML and vice versa? Some of these questions can only be answered by the final version of Longhorn, but it is a wise idea to be prepared.