Context-aware applications are emerging on a daily basis and location information proves to be
one of the key components in this domain. This stems from the fact that location information enables
and facilitates reasoning about what users are doing (user’s behavioural patterns) and what users are
interested in. Availability of campus-wide WLAN infrastructure at University of Twente (UT) and
the fact that SVGOpen 2005 was scheduled to be held at UT, were two strong driving forces towards
building a location-aware conference guide. In this paper, a privacy-sensitive, location-aware service
architecture is presented, which utilizes a calibration-free localization technique. The presented
architecture uses existing WLAN infrastructure for cost efficiency, and uniquely incorporates the
location information into Jini service discovery platform. Vector graphics provide better support for
highly dynamic interface. Among all available vector formats, SVG proves to be a better choice to
design the dynamic user interface and hence it was used in our implementation.