SVGForms - A sXBL Widget Library for Forms in SVG

Jan-Klaas Kollhof

Forms have always played a big part in the world wide web for transmitting data, entered by the user, to a server for processing. With SVG becoming more and more a format not only to describe vector graphics but to build web applications with, developers will need widgets a user can use to input data. There are a number of existing libraries to build rich user interfaces in SVG.
SVGForms does not try to replace these but rather provide a light weight widget library for forms.

The integration of sXBL(SVG's XML Binding Language) in the 1.2 specification gives SVG a great tool to create reusable components. SVGForms will use sXBL to describe a basic widget set very similar to HTML forms. Besides the visible widgets it will provide the non visible components for transmitting the forms data to the server and handling of the data returned.

The paper will give an introduction to the SVGForms widget library by using real world examples. It will show how easily it can be used from within an SVG document and how the developer can integrate it with existing server side tools(ASP, JSP, PHP, ..., CGI scripts). Furthermore the paper will discuss the similarities and differences to HTML forms as well as security concerns and limitations.