SVG and Mathematics

Online learning in the mathematics arena has been limited, in great party, by the lack of mathematic symbol availability on computer keyboards.

The authors began playing with SVG for mathematics animation, multilingual texts and two dimensional graphics a couple of years ago. Experimentation with this concept revealed SVGs simple editing capacity in relationship to ADA (American Disabilities Act) requirements for increased accessibility. For example: SVG color can easily be adjusted for color-blind audiences. Animation can be separated into two-dimensional graphics for ADD and ADHD students who struggle to follow animation. Audio can be added, in any language, to coincide with SVG animation. XML support for Braille-based user agents enhances accessibility for sight impaired students. In connection with MathML, SVG offers strength in web application development in the context of mathematics.

We propose to present our experience in using SVG for K-12 mathematics education and in developing a commercially available open-source web application for a major education publisher. The presentation will include planning specifications, developmental successes and issues with the interface, code and audio.