Renesis is the code-name for the next generation svg rendering engine beeing build by EvolGrafiX Europe. The rendering engine is in development since about five years now and will be shown as an alpha version on the SVG Open 2005. Renesis aims to be a full SVG 1.2 compatible renderer supporting sXBL, XSLT, XPath and XForms as well. Renesis will be running in all known Webbrowsers (IE, Opera, Firefox) as well as on Windows, Windows CE, Linux, Linux Embedded, Unix, SunOs and MacOs operating systems as well as small device systems like Symbian and of course as a native compiled assembly on the .NET Plattform (including mono). The rendering engine is more than just a rendering engine, Renesis is supposed to be a full application-development framework based on sXBL and SVG and other modern XML-Dialects. Renesis also introduces a new language, the C#-Standard (ECMA-334) besides the standard ECMAScript engine, to provide a powerful underlying language that allows to build SVG and sXBL Documents. Both engines (C#, ECMAScript) are based on EvolGrafiX' inhouse interpreters and by that, will not suffer from problems that implementations like the mozilla JS Engine has. The renesis project aims to be the fastest viewer available, due the testing phase, documents of more than 800 MB where loaded in about two minutes into the SVG Viewer renderer. No other technology (Flash and other graphic engines) nowadays are able to keep up with the perfomance of the viewer, nor with the fully supported standards like mentioned at the beginning.