Implementing SVG in a Web Browser: Past, Present, and Future of SVG in Mozilla

Tim Rowley, John "Scooter" Morris, Jonathan Watt, Alex Fritze

The Mozilla SVG project been underway since 2001 and now supports a useful subset of the SVG 1.1 specification in the Mozilla core. Mozilla SVG represents one of the few implementations of SVG as part of a widely used general purpose web browser, and provides SVG support in both the Mozilla Application Suite and Mozilla Firefox browser. The current SVG support is available only to those who build from source, or through contributed binaries. This is in the process of changing and an effort is underway to enable SVG support in the default builds, which means that some future release of Mozilla Firefox and the Mozilla Application Suite will provide support for mixed-namespace web content with (X)HTML, MathML, XUL, and SVG, along with support for CSS styling and scripting with Javascript.

Our talk will present a little of the history of the Mozilla SVG project, some of the challenges we have faced in both the implementation and specification, and the current state of SVG in Mozilla. We will then discuss the future of the project, how we hope to address some of the challenges we face, and the impact of SVG 1.2 on our efforts. We will conclude with a list of ways in which individuals and companies can help with the project.