Introducing Binary SVG

Robin Berjon, Expway

SVG's tremendous success on a variety of devices with limited bandwidth and processing power has made it desirable when not necessary to explore ways in which both the size and the parsing complexity of SVG documents could be reduced so that either the content could be delivered faster, or more, higher quality content could be delivered within the same constraints. Such solutions as gzip help in a number of cases, but more often than not they're not enough.

At the same time, ongoing progress in the field of binary XML -- which some standard organizations have accepted and which the W3C has been exploring in the XML Binary Characterization Working Group -- have quite naturally found applications to SVG, it being an XML language.

In this presentation we will look at the generic field of binary XML, at the variety of ways in which such technologies can be and have been applied to SVG, at SVG-specific developments such as codecs that apply for instance to SVG path data, and at how this facilitates the integration of SVG into generic streaming frameworks.