A Form Management Solution using SVG

Reducing costs for managing paper and electronic forms is an important step in future technologies to automate entire processes especially when forms are still an important part of retrieving, storing and organizing part of costumers and people information. Reducing workflows and organizing electronically the Forms handwritten by users with SVG/JavaScript as the front-end, XML as the data storage and Java/Tomcat as the backend is even more appealing as a solution. This Form Management Solution has a multi-stroke handwriting recognition engine especially conceived for managing pen gesture written forms.

The application will be described from an application and form processing problem-solving point of view in detail in our session. In brief the modules, which are all SVG based, that will be shown consists of:

- The FormBuilder: to create form Templates in order to save the fields drawn that will be submitted to the RecogInk handwriting recognition. It also allows printing forms in the desired format A4, A5 or Letter-Size.

- The UpLoader: to upload handwritten data via Tablet PC or via other devices

- The FormFiller: to Write on Screen with keyboard or via electronic handwriting such as the Tablet PC Pen or the mouse.

- The PreViewer: to preview uploaded handwritten data and overlay them to the correct form Template in case of paper form incoming data

- The Repository to store and search all the data stored and recognized in the system.

The User Interface has been implemented in 3 languages (English, French and Italian).

The system works at this stage with two types of hardware devices:

- a special hardware tablet that allows to write on paper and keep all the electronic data and to upload it at a later stage into a PC via the SVG UpLoader Interface

- the tablet pc where costumers can directly write into an SVG interface and process them to the Handwriting engine to later view and retrieve the forms organized in the Repository.

This Form Management Solution is a proof that SVG can be used for the most various and important applications giving the user the opportunity to use a very portable web-based solution. The presentation intent is to make a demonstration of the solution and how problems of this kind can be solved with SVG.