Understand Compositing and Color extensions in SVG 1.2 in 30 minutes!

SVG 1.2 will add compositing and color features to support medium to high end quality screen and print rendering. These features will be of particular interest and importance to graphics artists and those in the pre-press industry. Such users require accurate colors and control over the compositing.

Integrating the enhanced compositing functionality to ensure backwards compatibility with the current rendering model was a challenging exercise for the working group and has resulted in some complicated prose. This section of specification is aimed at experienced graphics software developers therefore other readers may find it difficult to understand or implement. This presentation will attempt to provide a simple and easy to follow explanation of the functionality and how it might be implemented.

SVG 1.1 currently supports clipping, masking, alpha compositing and some enhanced compositing with the feComposite filter. SVG 1.2 adds support for the full range of Porter and Duff operators and blend modes using the comp-op attribute on graphics objects and container nodes. There are also additional modifiers, such as 'enable-background' and 'clip-to-self' which add further control over the compositing. The current functionality from SVG 1.1 will all remain. The addition of enhanced compositing improves compatibility with both Java2D and PDF/Adobe Illustrator.

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