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Conference and Exhibition

4th Annual Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics
Conference takes place in Enschede, The Netherlands, 15-18 August 2005

The SVG Open 2005 conference is organised by the Scalable Vector Graphics Nederland foundation. The full (Dutch) name and address is:

Stichting Scalable Vector Graphics Nederland
Hengelosestraat 99
Postbus (P.O.Box) 6
7500 AA Enschede
The Netherlands

Bank Account (Postbank) 5425322
IBAN: NL87PSTB0005425322

Below is the list of persons, along with their affiliations, which are active in organising the SVG Open 2005 conference.

UT logo (english) Ruud Steltenpool
Sjoerd van Tongeren*
logo ITC Barend Köbben**
logo CTIT Dirk Heylen
logo Telematica Institute Johan Koolwaaij***
Remco Poortinga

* Chairman of the foundation.
** Secretary and treasurer of the foundation.
*** Board member of the foundation.

Committee of Recommendation
  • prof. dr. F.A. van Vught
    Former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Twente 1997-2001 and former Chairman of the Executive Board 2001-2004.
    Internationally known as expert in the field of higher education,
    advises the Dutch government from within the Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services (NIWI).
  • C.A. Vissers
    director of Telematica Instituut
  • M. Molenaar
    director of ITC (International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation)
  • prof.dr. E. Huizer
    director Eurofiber, trustee ISOC, NOB
  • O. ten Bosch
    manager of R&D Informatics department of CBS (Statistics Netherlands): uses SVG heavily in their statline-product.