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Conference and Exhibition

4th Annual Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics
Conference takes place in Enschede, The Netherlands, 15-18 August 2005

The 2005 SVG Open will take place in Enschede, the Netherlands, on the campus of the University of Twente.
On this page you will find travelling tips, hotel suggestions, as well as some additional information about the campus of the university and the surroundings.

Getting to Enschede
In order to get to Enschede you will first have to fly to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

From Schiphol to Enschede the easiest and quickest way to travel is to take the train. The Dutch railway (N.S.) has a Train Planner online; fill in Schiphol as departing station and Enschede as the destination.

The Schiphol train station is directly below the central area of Schiphol. Train ticket vending machines are in the central area as well.

The train journey will take slightly over two hours and will cost about € 22.- (2ndclass) or € 35.- (1st class).

To get from Enschede itself to the Conference location you can take the bus to the University Campus (Line 1). This movie will show you how to travel from Enschede train station to the conference location. Of course you can also go by taxi. See also the transport and maps sections on this page.

The conference location itself is the Waaier building (building #12 on this map, also shown on right hand side of the map below).

There is one ATM at the university; the route and location are shown below (near building# 55 on the map).

route to nearest ATM


Transport in Enschede
Enschede is only a small city, getting around in the town centre is best done by foot. Travel between the centre and the University of Twente campus is easiest by bus: lines 1 (Universiteit/De Hems) and 3 (Hengelo) will get you there in about 15 minutes and leave every half hour from the central train/bus station.

It's a 2-zone journey and you can buy a single ticket on board for €1.60 but it's better to buy a 15-zone one (called ?strippenkaart?) at the station or in a bookshop for €6,40.

Taxi's are relatively expensive in the Netherlands and can only be caught at designated stands (eg. at the station) or by ordering them by phone (053 4607080/8500666 or 0900 1485).

And of course the real Dutch way of getting around is by bike! You can rent bikes at the train station (053 4322792) for about €6.50 a day.


Maps of Enschede and the conference building
map of Enschede Map of Enschede with bus lines 275 Kb svgz
floorplan floor 1 Map of conference buildings floor 1 169 Kb svgz
floorplan floor 2 Map of conference buildings floor 2 136 Kb svgz


Useful phone numbers and addresses
Police, firebrigade & ambulance emergency number: 112
Hospital first aid: Medisch Spectrum Twente, Haaksbergerstraat 55, 053 4872000
Doctor (GP): Huisartsendienst Twente-Oost, Emmastraat 1, 053 4366066
Pharmacy: Centrum Apotheek, Beltstraat 43a, 053 4314664
Police station: Hermandad 2, 0900-8844



There are a number of hotels you can choose from in Enschede, Hengelo (OV), or on the campus of the university (where the conference is).

The campus of the university of Twente is located between Enschede and Hengelo (OV). Please note that this is Hengelo in the province 'Overijssel' (hence the (OV) behind the name); there is also a small village called Hengelo in the province 'Gelderland'. So if you want to look for a hotel in Hengelo make sure you specify 'Hengelo (OV)'!
The block rate agreed upon with Best Western and ITC International Hotel has expired (June 1st ), reservation here is stil possible but at the normal rates.
The block rate agreed upon with Logica & Drienerburcht (Campus accommodation) is still valid.

The Enschede tourist board provides a list of hotels in and around Enschede, unfortunately only in Dutch and German.

Conference Hotel Drienerburght Enschede
Description Conference hotel on the campus of the University of Twente. Use the online form to request a room and fill in 'SVG Open' in the special requests field to apply for the block-rate.
Location Campus of the University of Twente (the conference location)
Price €61,- (single room, incl. breakfast)
€69,50 (double room, incl breakfast)
Logica Hotel
Description Cheap but nice lodgings on the grounds of the University of Twente. Use the online form to request a room and fill in 'SVG Open' in the special requests field to apply for the block-rate. Also put 'Location:Logica' in the special requests field (Logica lodging is managed by the Conference Hotel Drienerburght Enschede).
Location Campus of the University of Twente (the conference location)
Price €38,- (single room, incl. breakfast)
€60,- (double room, incl breakfast)
ITC International hotel
Description Nice hotel near the center of Enschede.
In the city centre of Enschede, about a 10 minute walk from the train station. Approximately 20 minutes by bus from the conference location.
Price €34,- (excl. breakfast of €10,50)
Best Western hotels Enschede and Hengelo (Ov)
Description There are three Best Western hotels nearby the conference location. One in the centre of Enschede, one opposite of the University Campus (conference location), and one in Hengelo (Ov).
Location 1
Best Western Dish hotel is in the city centre of Enschede, about a 10 minute walk from the train station. Approximately 20 minutes by bus from the conference location.
Location 2
Best Western Star Hotel Hengelo (OV): about 5 km from the Campus. A few minutes walk from the railway station in Hengelo. From the railway station buses can get you to the campus in approximately 15 to 20 minutes.
Location 3
Country Hotel de Broeierd is a nice hotel across the road from the campus of the University of Twente. Right in the middle between Enschede and Hengelo (the two other locations).
Price For up to date price information check the hotel sites.

Wireless Internet facilities & CampusLBS
All participants of SVG Open 2005 will have free access to the UT Wireless Campus: Spread over the 140 hectare campus 650 access points have been installed, making it Europe's largest uniform wireless hotspot.

Anyone with a PC, laptop, PDA or other WiFi enabled device can access the university's network and the internet from any building, the campus park and other facilities without cabling.

SVG Open 2005 will also feature the offical launch of the Wireless CampusLBS. This project, started last spring, aims to provide Location Based Services (LBS) for the UT campus population.

The Wireless Campus LBS is intended to serve as a testbed for research as well as to benefit from outcomes of research. The research includes looking into wireless LAN positioning techniques, context awareness of ubiquitous data management systems, and adaptive, task-oriented delivery of mapping information.

SVG Open 2005 will be the first testcase for CampusLBS, providing all participants with an LBS to help them navigate the conference locations and locate fellow attendants.

Read more about CampusLBS in the 1 page executive summary (15 Kb PDF) or the full paper (399 Kb PDF).

About Enschede and the University Campus

aerial photo of part of UT campus with Enschede in the back
Same picture as on the SVGopen 2005 poster in the lobby. Shows part of the campus of the University of Twente (UT), where SVGopen will be held. The SVGopen venue is pointed out, symbolically in between the computer science department and the art academy. The city of Enschede can be seen in the back.

aerial photo of part of UT campus with Hengelo in the back
Photographed from the other side, with the city of Hengelo in the back. Interesting note: All 1.5 km2 of the campus have wireless internet.

map of Netherlands and surroundings with Enschede at the German border
The city of Enschede, with over 150,000 inhabitants, is situated right at the border with Germany. For intercontinental visitors: from Amsterdam International Airport Schiphol there's a 2 hour direct train to Enschede. For european visitors the airport in Muenster/Osnabrueck, in Germany, which is about an hour away, can be an option. From Enschede trainstation it's only 15 minutes by bus to the SVGopen venue (Bus line 1).

UT entrance with bikes
The entrance of the campus with, typically dutch, people on bikes.

UT entrance with bus
Here's the bus mentioned earlier. There's one every 15 minutes and it stops about a 100 metres from the venue. Now let's zoom in on this building in the back....

photo edited a SVGopen cruise ship in UT pond
Some people asked: "how about the dinnercruise? You have no water". There's no nice big water nearby indeed, and in this part of the country opening a dam won't change that either. We're investigating alternatives.

old farm where now the UT campus is
A picture of what the surroundings looked like just before they started building the university.

UT faculty club
The farm is no more. At it's location there's now the faculty club, a sort of businessclub. There's lots of healthy cooperation with companies, of which some are situated at the Business & Science Park right next to the campus. Companies like LogicaCMG (MMS, etc.), Lucent and others are there. Right in between the B&S park and the campus, is the NDIX, the Dutch German Internet Exchange. The NDIX is located in the former distribution center of The Dutch Bank. Both the university and the Telematica Instituut do projects with the big telecom companies.

crowd at Sting concert on UT campus
We're very internationally oriented, well connected in both infrastructure and people, we can make a good impact, draw a crowd....

concert including Sting on UT campus
We organize. Extra curricular activities are praised. Some big events at our university. Every year our campus is the finish of a relay with over 300 teams of 25 people, add lots of fans, and you get a really big party. In 2001, Hackers At Lange (HAL) was at our university, even made it on the national news. The following picture is at the university's 40th birthday, where the worldfamous Sting performed.

old UT student housing
One of the many student dormatories. Over a decade ago, about every single room on campus had 10 Mbit lines installed (upgraded to 100 Mbit a few years ago). This results in lots of activity: from every single club a website, to students setting up webdevelopment companies. Internet is really in our blood.

new UT student housing
Other student housing. They sometimes project movies on these white walls in the summer.

UT international guests housing
The number of international guests, students, researchers, etc. is rising. Therefore this was built. Though they may have some special needs, a lot of international students live in dormatories among the dutch. At ITC (involved in organizing SVGopen 2005), dutch students are a minority among the many nationalities.

outside SVGopen 2005 building
The SVGopen building. Inside are 4 big lecture halls, of which the largest has a capacity of 460, the number of people we want to attract. There's also a big canteen.

inside SVGopen 2005 building
The inside of a lecture room in the SVGopen building. This room was used for a pilot project: A university course in cooperation with 2 other universities, a classroom at each university all connected by video through the internet. Every aspect of the course in english. Videostreams, reading material en phorum discussion on the internet

UT skyline
No amazing skyline like Tokyo: highest building on campus

example of green spacy UT campus
As you must have noticed by now: There's plenty of space and green.

UT educational science building
The educational science building

the typical UT geese and tower
The geese and the tower, typical of our campus, often used for pictures. The tower was designed by the versatile Dutch artist/performer/... Wim T. Schippers. (Who incidentally is also the 'voice' of the Dutch Ernie from Sesame streets' Bert&Ernie).

The take on 2005: SVG is definitely maturing. Time for some serious promotion. Especially outside the 'usual suspects'. A famous brand attracts businessmen. Sheer beauty attracts designers. etc. Speak their lingo. It's a community event. Let's build the community. See you in Enschede.