Tobias Dahinden
Institute of Cartography
ETH Zurich
8093 Zurich

Abstract: Improvements of the IKA-SVG-Viewer and JNSS

At SVGopen 2003 in Vancouver we showed a Javabased Navigation Software System (JNSS). The System consists of a server that reads data from a receiver such as GNSS (GPS/Glonass) and translates them in position data. If a client sends a HTTP or UDP request s/he gets an XML-String with the position of the server and some metadata. It is possible to use a normal Webbrowser as client. But we developed a client that shows the servers position on a map. This is done by a subset of our own SVG viewer called the IKA-SVG-Viewer.

The whole system is programmed in Personal Java. Thus it runs also on very small devices. When we started the project, there was no open SVG viewer for Personal Java, so we had the develope our own viewer.

During the last year we improved the system, e.g. the JNSS can handle more projections. A lot of work was spend in the SVG viewer. Although we use the viewer for our research, we try to fulfill at least the SVG Tiny spec. Further we made it more stable for rendering SVG files, e.g. files generated by the Adobe SVG export or by gnuplot. Last but not least the viewer is now available with the Lesser GNU Public License.

The first part of the presentation will describe JNSS. The main part will describe the viewer. We show what we are able the render and where the main problems are. Then we will keep a look at the major problems of open source software and discuss wheather our viewer has this problems too.