Yan LI, Guobin CHI, Wenfei LUO

(Spatial Information Research Center, South China Normal University, Guangzhou 510631, China)

E-mail yanli@scnu.edu.cn


With the development of spatial information used widely in the whole society, a regional level of a 'clearing house' is regarded as an important information infrastructure in IT engineering construction. It is important to create a supported platform "spatial information service system" for the 'clearing house' and providing the service functions such as interactive operating, dynamic updating, crossing platform and sustainable utilizing etc. It was developed using the combined techniques with a new Web publishing standard language ------ XML Schema + GML + SVG, Java Script, Asp.Net and C++ Builder for the different layers of a software architecture and the components. It was carefully planned the whole system which is composed of metadata base managing, metadata querying, regulars and standards publishing, spatial information querying and publishing, security managing, distributed metadata base managing, spatial data conversion, information sharing and processing, multi-scale spatial information fusion, and mapping aid tools. During the software development, the mapping aid tools were developed as a group of components including table making, color filling, Graphics editing and topo building etc functions in the system. Up to now, it was only created a friendly and conveniently interactive environment for the users to query spatial information. Through the system developing procedure, XML Schema + GML + SVG was taken an important role and brought out the advantages in Web based software developed such as vector data dynamic publishing, graphic interactive operating, spatial metadata organizing and the extensibility etc. Being one of future tendency in internet development, this paper was discussed the methods and working flow, and given some components of the spatial information service system with a case study of Guangdong Spatial Information Clearing House. And the paper was also given some applications based on the regional level 'Clearing House' to prove its advantages and practicality. The case studies were included dynamic publishing the ecological environment, restored forestry planning, real estate information publishing and dynamic meteorology information publishing etc.

Key words: XML+GML+SVG, clearing house, spatial information service, Applications