goSVG authoring tool

KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc. Terminal Information Processing Laboratory
Takaya Tanaka , Satoru Takagi , Arei Kobayashi , Shigeki Muramatsu

goSVG(G-XML over SVG) profile specification is extended so that SVG can be used in LBS(Location Based Service). Hyperlayering is an architecture which makes it possible to divide and maintain the base map and POI(Point of Interests) data, and incorporated in SVG1.1 and goSVG specification.
In this paper, we present the goSVG authoring tool for the spatial information contents that support the HyperLayering function. This goSVG authoring tool is supporting SVGTiny of SVG1.1 Mobile profile. Furthermore, Coordinate Reference System (CRS) used by geographical information is supported. Moreover, this authoring tool provides the function to register POI, and can describe the address, the category, and the telephone number etc. of POI. There is also an animation function and an easy route guide etc. can be made.