Exploring the XHTML and SVG Relationship

Today's dominant desktop SVG implementation, the Adobe SVG Viewer, has always been, since its introduction in April 2000, a browser plug-in. This implementation choice obviously opens up the possibility of integrating SVG contents within (X)HTML, a workflow that has always been taken into account in the development of the SVG specification. In the early days, integration scenarii of (X)HTML and SVG was rather straightforward with SVG often acting as a more efficient replacement for a raster format. But soon (X)HTML authors were discovering the interactive power of SVG and looked for a more interleaved approach, made really hard by the broken browser plug-in architectures resulting from the browsers war. Lately, the relationship has yet taken another turn as some SVG implementations opened up, in a thoughful manner, the door for a seamless mix of SVG and XHTML using the power of XML namespaces. This talk will introduce to the attendees the full spectrum of the SVG in XHTML dilemma, the hopes of the XHTML in SVG scheme, and everything in between.