Youguang JIAN, Yan LI, Jiangting WEN

Computer Science Department, South China Normal University

(Guangzhou 510631, China)


SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics)is an open vector graphics standard. It is used to describe two dimensions vector and lattice graphics with a markup language base on XML Schema. And SVG provides a new approach to display molecule structure. Although the conventional raster format has it own advantages in direct image processing, easy spatial analyzing and low developing cost but not in data storage, data accuracy and spatial topology expression using network relations etc. vice versa, vector data structure become one of the main data types in spatial database system.

Since spatial information system needs a flexible and efficient information accessing way to the users, it is a common cognition to manage spatial information with commercial DBMS. Nevertheless, it is still hot topic on how to store the SVG documents efficiently in a database for a Web Server. This paper was studied the existed issues in spatial information database system integration and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of SVG documents stored in three database models such as Relational database (RDB), Object-relational database (ORDB) and Object oriented database (OODB). It was also given a prospective significance of them based on developing tendency of spatial information system and SVG. In conclusion, the issues should be considered in storage expression, spatial topology maintenance, network publishing and searching efficiency and transaction management etc. The key techniques related are going to be solved in spatial index, optimization, spatial searching, cache array, version management and data mining etc.

Keywords: SVG data standard, Spatial Information System, Database structure model