SVGT Animation Authoring

With the recommendation of the SVG Mobile profiles SVG is rapidly gaining traction in the mobile space. SVG Tiny is included in more and more handsets and the SVGT format is a part of various specifications within the mobile industry. Although the number of mobile handsets with SVGT support is rapidly increasing there is still a gap to fill when it comes to svg content and services. One of the first use cases you can foresee for mobile svg is the inclusion of SVGT in mobile messaging (as a part of MMS) in the form of small animations. For that use case there is a need for a lot of animated content. Currently the content creators doing SVGT content for mobile devices are forced to hand-edit their svg content in some parts of their work-flow. Typically they are using Adobe Illustrator or some other vector graphics authoring tool for creating the svg content but then they have to hand code the content to make it SVG Tiny compliant and to add animations. This is not acceptable since it makes svg content way too expensive. Future versions of Adobe Illustrator will probably include the option of saving the content for SVG Tiny but the issue with the animation authoring is still to be filled.

ZOOMON are currently working on defining a mobile authoring workflow and to find solutions to the existing gaps in the creation chain. This presentation will present a mobile authoring workflow and which tools that would exist to cover that workflow. The presentation will discuss functionality for those tools and it will also discuss certain issues with animations in svg and how they can be addressed.

Ola Andersson
ZOOMON Mobile Solutions AB
Stockholm, Sweden