SVG server-side: A Survey

Two years after the first SVG Open, it is time to have a look how SVG has been accepted by the public. In this survey, we analyze how the various server-side techniques (PHP, ASP.NET, Perl, ...) have jumped on the bandwagon, which SVG-related modules they offer and where the programmer has to do the dynamic SVG generation manually. We also present some case studies.

A first attempt to bring SVG to PHP (via its application repository PEAR) failed, but in 2003, PEAR::XML_SVG made its way to the PHP community. Perl users can count on the very mighty by Ronan Oger, one of the most comprehensive SVG modules available. For .NET , the SVG# project offers both an SVG parser and a renderer, making it possible to convert SVG content to bitmaps. Other technologies offer modules that make dynamic SVG creation easier, as well. Of course, this is only possible without pre-manufactured modules, just some technical requisites have to be met.

Additionally to a survey of a selection available modules, we also present some case studies that show the potential SVG offers in conjunction with server-side scripting.