SVGT - A Study in Implementaion

SVGT is not yet an established technology for mobile phone platform, but does see a lot of promise in the near future. As SVG evolves and gathers momentum to compete proprietary technologies, it is very important to look at real life experiences. This presentation talks about practical issues regarding mobile phone platform support for SVGT. In this paper we intend to share some details about issues faced during implementation and approach to solve those issues. This paper is expected to give guidance for application developers considering SVG Tiny on mobile devices in future as well as technology leaders who are establishing a case for SVGT. There is plenty for everyone to learn from an industry perspective.

The followings give the highlights of this paper:

  1. Determining Usecases

    In this section we intend to provide some insight into how the design team approached this in mobile phone world. When any project is started, there is a need to find the requirements and a need to answer the question, "why we need this technology in the first place?"

  2. SVGT Feature Complexity and Usefulness for the Platform

    In this section we intend to highlight some difficulties we noticed regarding implementing complex features - text, animations among them. Such complex features typically cause performance issues. Designers and application developers should be aware of these issues to optimize SVGT content.

  3. SVGT Feature Extension for the Platform

    In this section we intend to discuss certain things that can be beneficial to a client application and are not defined in the SVGT specification itself. Extension discussed in this section mainly means certain things that can be beneficial to a client application on top of SVGT instead of adding proprietary tags or attributes. Also, discussed will be some aspects that the client side would like to see from a graphics engine.

  4. Client Application Issues

    In this section we shall discuss some issues regarding the UI features a client needs to have for SVGT presentation. This could be interaction and/or navigation problems, playback, visual problems when zooming or rotating (text in particular) etc.

  5. Miscellaneous Issues

    There will be few other issues discussed in this section, including: