Learning from Flash and its community

Ever since the very first glimpse the world had from the Scalable Vector Graphics technology from the W3C, content authors throughout the world felt the urge, possibly rightfully, that they had to take a side in the unescapabable competition between SVG and Flash. Then as Flash and SVG have been moving towards the web and desktop application space, the same thoughts about taking sides have been going through the minds of application developers. Some individuals and coroporations certainly ensured the FUD would remain alive and kicking.

Whatever the technical merits one might credit the Flash authoring tool and platform, one must recognize that Macromedia managed to build a very strong and inventive community, and as time passed, that community also gained a strong sense of independence from Macromedia. As SVG 1.2 finally emerges and offers the SVG community the foundation for component-based application development that it has been craving for, it is good to reflect on what amazing work the Flash community has already achieved and figure what bits the SVG community should learn to adapt and grow from.