SVG Editors: A Designer's Perspective

Two years after the first SVG Open, it is time to have a look how SVG has been accepted by the public. In order to be successful, not only the technology itself has to be convincing, but also the access to the technology has to be easy. Conclusion: There must be good, competitive editors.

In this survey, we analyze which products exists and how they meet standards set by proprietary technologies, including the editor Macromedia Flash. We also test the SVG abilities of the most used vector graphic programms like Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Our approach is to choose a designer's perspective, since technology alone is not sexy enough, ease-of-use is another key factor. We also analyze the code produced by the various editors to judge the quality of the output. Finally, we analyze import and export capabilities of the various editors to find out whether interchangeability of formats and editors is an issue or not.