CGM2SVG: Convert binary CGM files into SVG 1.1

Stefan Gordon, SVG Development, DocSoft, Inc.


This session will debate the practicality of converting CGM documents to SVG to allow for context sensitive searching of vector graphics files.  DocSoft's CGM2SVG converter will be demonstrated, showing the process of converting different types of CGM files into SVG.  There will be discussion of the conversion accuracy possible when moving CGM into the SVG format as well as analysis of file size and speed benefits of the two formats.

The conversion of complex CGM elements and embedded images into SVG documents will be analyzed, highlighting the difficulties that may be encountered when trying to translate between vector formats.

The idea of context sensitive searching as it applies to SVG and Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals will be presented and demonstrated using DocSoft's X3 XML search engine.  The benefits of moving CGM IETMs to the SVG format for indexing and searching will be discussed.


CGM versus SVG

·         Benefits of using an XML based vector format

·         SVG size and speed relative to binary CGM

·         Moving embedded images from CGM to SVG


CGM to SVG Conversion

·         DocSoft CGM2SVG conversion software

·         SVG support for complex CGM documents

·         Dynamic CGM and SVG

·         Batch conversion


Searching and Indexing SVG and IETMs

·         Uses of searching vector graphics files

·         Indexing and searching SVG

·         Context sensitive searching with X3