The Requirement of SVG Specifications for Telematic ITS Application

Shigeru Shimada,1 Kishiko Maruyama1 and Takumi Fushiki2

1 Hitachi, Ltd., Central Research Laboratory,
1-280 Higashi-koigakubo Kokubunji City Tokyo 185-8601, Japan

{shimada, kishiko}

2 Hitachi, Ltd., Hitachi Research Laboratory
7-1-1 Omika-cho, Hitachi, Ibaraki, 319-1292, Japan

Extended Abstract

Recently, a lot of development of various kinds of ITS application systems utilizing the mobile clients is announced, with the rapid progress of wireless-communications networks. Especially development of ITS application for the cars represented by car navigation system is very remarkable. It is predicted that the market scale of this car-navigation system will amount to 15 million sets all over the world in 2005 - it may become the server referenced type which used telematic communication networks at these remarkable rates. It is also expected that SVG of open vector specification spreads through this kind of map display.

To cope with these future needs of such ITS application, we have newly developed a traffic information mapping system to the cellular phone equipped with the BREW environment based on SVG-Tiny specification. However, in order to utilize this system as substitution of car navigation system, it turns out that there are still various kind problems. For example, in car navigation process, maps are rotated toward the advance direction of a car synchronized with rapid movement of the vehicle, and it is necessary to grasp situations of road, building, shops and so forth very quickly.To realize this, characters and icons must be displayed without rotating.

For this purpose, the following SVG tag extensions and functions are necessary.

The request for SVG tag specification:

The request for SVG viewer implementation:

In this paper, we show comparison between the map display based on PSVG specification which adds the non-rotating display tag for the character & icon and the map display strictly based on SVG-Tiny specification, and discuss about these of usefulness.